Vogue Scandinavia
Vilma Sjöberg shot in studio and in the streets of Stockholm a cold winter day. Produced by LUNDLUND.

Photographer: Camilla Åkrans /LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Ignacio Alonso /LUNDLUND

Stylist: Marias Barsoum
Hair stylist: Ali Pirzadeh
Set designer: Johan Svensson
Photographer: Gustav Almestål /LUNDLUND
Set designer: Mattias Nyhlin /LUNDLUND

Mixte Magazine
Photographer:Thomas Cooksey /LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Martina Senke /LUNDLUND

Acne Studios S/S 2022
Photographer & director Kacper Kasprzyk /LUNDLUND

H&M Smiley
New streetwear collaboration together with the universal counterculture symbol Smiley®.
As a youthful symbol of defiant optimism, the campaign feels upbeat and vibrant with highlights from the '90s.
The collection is infused with full on retro vibes, designed for both men and women.

Produced by LUNDLUND in studio and in the streets of central Stockholm.

Photographer: Ben Beagent/ LUNDLUND
Stylist: Martina Almquist / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Joel Junsjö /LUNDLUND
Nothing - Teenage engineering
Wireless in-ear headphones 'Nothing' by Teenage Engineering.

Photographer: Kacper Kasprzyk / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Tereza Ortiz / LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Fredrik Stambro / LUNDLUND
Creative direction: Sandberg Timonen
Vagabond FW 2021
Photographer Angelina Bergenwall / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Andreas Frienholt / LUNDLUND
Vagabond FW 2021
Model Hedvig Palm starring in the fall winter campaign for Swedish shoe brand Vagabond.

Photographer: Mattias Björklund / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Columbine Smille / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Amanda Lund / LUNDLUND
Make up artis: Fredrik Stambro / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Andreas Frienholt / LUNDLUND
Campaign for Zara Man shot on location in central Stockholm.

Photographer: Johan Sandberg / LUNDLUND
Zara Kids
LUNDLUND produced this fall campaign for Zara kids, shot in a restaurant i central Stockholm.

Photographer: Luca Campri / 2dm Management
Make up: Kristina Kullenberg /LUNDLUND
H&M - a meadow of wildflowers
H&M Campaign shot and produced in studio in Stockholm.

Photographer: Mattias Björklund / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Joel Junsjö / LUNDLUND
H&M - Breezy Bright and Beautiful
LUNDLUND did full production for this H&M Ramadan Campaign. Set designer Joel Junsjö built a great scenery of Marrakesh in a Stockholm studio.

Shot and directed by Frida Marklund, this campaign breaths and feels like the real streets and surroundings of Marrakesh. LUNDLUND made sure everything ran smoothly from pre production to on set production and finally post production.

Photographer: Frida Marklund / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Joel Junsjö / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Erika Svedjevik / LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Anya De Tobon /Link details
H&M Innovation Colour
Stylist: Martina Almquist / LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Ignacio Alonso / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Joel Junsjö / LUNDLUND
H&M Innovation
H&M launched their new sustainability concept with their debut collection “Science Story”
and LUNDLUND were in charge of the still shoot of this very creative production.
Shot in studio against a green screen and combined with illustration and animation in post.

Director: Eddie Whelan / ARTISTRY
Stylist: Martina Almquist / LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Ignacio Alonso / LUNDLUND
Casting director: Alexandra Sandberg/ LUNDLUND
Art Direction: Public Image
During three days this spring, we set up a beautiful house on the outskirts of Stockholm for Zara Home Editorial shoot.
On this occasion the focus was on their classic line and a special collection for Ramadan.
LUNDLUND was in charge of art buying, location scouting, set design and production.

Photographer: Magnus Mårding
Set designer: Niklas Hansen / LUNDLUND
Sveriges Radio
Art buying, casting, location and production by LUNDLUND.
This campaign was shot and filmed over three days on no less than 6(!) different locations around Stockholm. It’s message; To listen is to feel.
Hence the different constellations and situation in people’s everyday lives.

Photographer: Elisabeth Toll / LUNDLUND
DOP: Charli Ljung / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Ursula Wångander
Make up artist: Kristina Kullenberg / LUNDLUND
Casting, location and production by LUNDLUND.
Six short films with six different, street casted models were made to portrait modern, fashionable individuality. They were all shot at an old train depot outside of Stockholm.

DOP: Erik Nordlund / TTG
Stylist: Martina Almquist / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Karolina Liedberg / Link details
Make up artist: Louise Linder / Mikas Looks
Set designer: Andreas Frienholt / LUNDLUND
Casting Director: Alexandra Sandberg / LUNDLUND

Vogue Japan September 2020
This story for Vogue Japan was shot over two days in the Swedish archipelago and at Studio Delight in Stockholm.
With Camilla Åkrans behind the lens, styling by Sissy Vian and model Felice Noordhoff, the team created magic this windy day.
The studio helped us with transportation by ferry to the island where the story was created.

Photographer: Camilla Åkrans /LUNDLUND
Stylist: Sissy Vian / MAO
Hair stylist: Kalle Eklund / Bryant Artists
Make up artist: Fredrik Stambro / LUNDLUND
Model: Felice Noordhoff / Elite
Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro
Electrolux - Make it Last Campaign
LUNDLUND was appointed production and casting for this massive Electrolux film- and still shoot campaign, launching their new environmentally friendly washing machines.
A week was spent in Portugal visiting six different location across this beautiful country. Elisabeth Toll’s feeling for grand environments really comes into its own in this campaign.

Photographer: Elisabeth Toll / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Maria Barsoum / Link details
Hair and makeup: Karolina Liedberg / Link details
DOP: Charli Ljung / Camera Link
L'UOMO Vogue
On a hot summer day super star Alexander Skarsgård was photographed on location and in studio by Johan Sandberg.
No problem for one of our super producers to find wilderness in central Stockholm!

Photographer: Johan Sandberg / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Amanda Lund/ LUNDLUND
Hunkydory AW20
LUNDLUND produced and shot Hunkydory AW20 in an apartment in Stockholm.
Our services included full art buying, casting, on-location production, and post-production.

Photographer & director: Johan Sandberg / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Lisa Lindqwister / LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Ignacio Alonso / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Karolina Liedberg / Linkdetails
Set designer: Viktor & Jacob Fjällström
Photographer Pauline Suzor shot the amazing Steffi Cook for Vogue UA, in this unique quarry outside Stockholm.
LUNDLUND scouted this location and provided production on set, art buying and managing the shoot from pre- to post production.
The idea for this shoot was for Pauline Suzor to capture her idea of summer with the quote “I want this summer as it is” from Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman’s movie “Summer with Monika”

Photographer: Pauline Suzor /LUNDLUND
Stylist: Columbine Smille /LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Regina Törnwall /LUNDLUND
Model: Steffi Cook / Nisch Management
NK Spring 2020 Campaign
During a long night at the renowned department store NK in Stockholm, the current season's fashion was integrated with historical images from the store's archive.
LUNDLUND was entrusted with the full production including casting, location scouting and art buying for both still- and moving images. The result sure speaks for itself, and the campaign is of course nominated at the Swedish Golden Egg Awards.

Photographer: Peter Gehrke /LUNDLUND
Stylist: Martina Almquist /LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Regina Törnwall /LUNDLUND
Set designer: Andreas Frienholt /LUNDLUND
Vogue Russia
This Vogue Russia cover story was shot by Camilla Åkrans in May 2020 in a rapeseed field and palace grounds on the outskirts of Stockholm. Location scouting and production by LUNDLUND.
Published during the early stages of a raging pandemic, Vogue Russia filled their issue with stories of hope and joy.

Photographer: Camilla Åkrans / Management + Artists / LUNDLUND
Stylist: Lisa Lindqwister / LUNDLUND
Hair stylist: Kalle Eklund /Bryant Artists
Make up artist: Ignacio Alonso / LUNDLUND
Set designer: Andreas Frienholt /LUNDLUND
Gina Tricot Winter Wishes
Photographer Pauline Suzor went to Iceland for Swedish fashion brand Gina Tricot.
LUNDLUND did full production on site, together with our team and the client. Production and location scouting on set by our friends at Pegasus Iceland.
We shot amongst the magnificent landscapes of Iceland, where the whole team went up a glacier to capture this beautiful campaign. We managed full art buying and production from pre to post.

Location: Iceland
Photographer and director: Pauline Suzor /LUNDLUND
Make up artist: Regina Törnwall /LUNDLUND