Niklas Hansen’s interest and expertise are in creating imagery, specifically focusing on how to structure three-dimensional sets to make them elegantly transform into two-dimensional images. As set-designer, he can draw on his knowledge of art history, as well as his deep knowledge of how different types of materials and shapes function in relation with the camera. His signature trait is his way of combining various forms of colour and texture, working with everything from textiles, flowers and food ingredients to different kinds of wood and stone.
Niklas Hansen is passionately interested in images, giving them a cinematic and luxurious expression. He approaches the creation of a set from a variety of perspectives to see how the image depends on lighting and angle, which gives him a complete overview of the set. He works with mainly three different subject categories: food styling, interiors and creating sets for fashion shoots, including both editorials and advertisement campaigns. Clients include Hermès, Grand Cuisine and the Gourmand.